Is he spitting up?

Well, yeah. He’s a baby.

Our battle with Remy’s acid reflux started at his one month check up. I mentioned to his doctor that he is a very gassy baby. To the point that he is constantly trying to pass gas and seems very uncomfortable. I can hear the gas rumbling around in his belly. She asked, “Is he spitting up?” I said yes. After a short conversation, she seems convinced that he has acid reflux. Especially after I mention that his daddy suffers from acid reflux if he doesn’t eat right. She hands me a script for Zantac. I ask, “Is this going to help him with his gas?” She assures me it will. 

It doesn’t, like, at all. It makes him gassier. He is miserable and not sleeping. I’m miserable and not sleeping. He wants to be held 24/7. The gas seems more painful. I stop giving it to him.

At his two month check up, I tell her that he’s still very gassy but the Zantac made it worse so I stopped giving it to him. She tells me that I need to give it at least two weeks to work. I tell her that he only poops every 5-7 days and seems to struggle while doing so. She tells me that its normal as long as it’s not a hard consistency and that breastfed babies don’t have to poop every day. She asks me how he’s sleeping at night. I tell her he still wakes up every 2-3hrs to nurse. She says that at this point, he should be sleeping a longer stretch and that his reflux is probably bothering him and waking him up. She looks in his mouth with a little flashlight and says his throat does look irritated. My heart sinks. I stopped his medicine and let his esophagus continue to get burned by stomach acid. I felt like a jerk. I put him back on Zantac.

Ugh. He’s still so gassy. The only thing that really helps is bicycling his legs. He’s not due for a check up until 4 months old but I make an appointment at 3 months old. I complain about the gas. There has to be something I can do. Is it my diet? Should I go dairy-free? “No. It’s not your diet. He’s just a very refluxy baby. The Zantac isn’t enough for him so I’m going to put him on Prevacid also.” Can I please take him off the Zantac? I’m almost positive it’s making him worse. “Yes but wait two weeks until the Prevacid starts to do it’s job. Then you can absolutely take him off Zantac.” She asks me how often he poops. I tell her maybe once every three days. She makes a sad face and says, “Poor boy. Let’s get him pooping. Give him a 1oz prune juice/1oz water mix twice a day.” A red flag popped up in my mind. I mentioned his poop struggles last month and she told me it was fine. Why is it an issue now? I shrug it off and take the script.

I leave there feeling so good and go straight to the pharmacy to pick up his Prevacid and a bottle of prune juice. Yay, baby! We’re going to fix you right up!

WRONG. So, so wrong. Remy is worse than ever. If he’s awake, he’s crying. He hardly sleeps. I am exhausted and so sad for him. His cries are so upsetting. It’s not a “I’m hungry” cry. It’s a “Pick me up NOW, I’m in pain!” cry. He wants to nurse but he’s in pain. I can tell he’s hungry but when I bring him to my breast, he screams louder. He’s constantly screaming and kicking his feet. I can’t stand to watch any of this anymore. Did he even have reflux? Because he sure as hell does now! I stop all medicine after 5 days of both Zantac and Prevacid.

The night I decided to stop giving him medicine, I also decided to go dairy free. His symptoms closely resemble milk protein intolerance. Though his poops are only occasionally green and never have had any visible blood in them. Some of his symptoms also match an overactive let down. But my milk has never sprayed and changing nursing positions hasn’t helped. I also looked into the possibility of him having a tongue tie. He has a lot of those symptoms, too. I am Googling night and day.

I’m writing this blog to keep track of his symptoms and progress and maybe connect with other people who have gone through the same thing. Just last week, I found myself shooting yet another syringe full of medicine into his mouth and regretting it shortly after. Which brings me to my next post, “Four ounces is nothing!”


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